Monday, June 18, 2018

5ft6 Size 10

I get a lot of messages asking about height and weight restrictions when wanting to become a model. Well I’m a happy size 10 (sometimes 12) and just over 5ft 6 and I’m doing pretty ok. 

I mainly work in the commercial field. Commercial modelling is anything from smiling for Colgate to posing for Primark. So for this.. no height or weight restrictions apply. It’s just totally up to the client and what they want to portray. You have to think what is realistic; a 6ft fashion model isn’t the most likely person for a Tesco poster.. right? 

Of course I’m not suitable for everything. As much as I would love to strut alongside Alessandra Ambrosio and Taylor Hill at the next Victoria Secret fashion show- that’s something I’m willing to accept will not happen (for now anyway.) 

Now I wouldn’t be normal if I was 100% happy with my body. We all have our insecurities and there are things I really try and work on. Maybe I should stop eating chocolate DAILY for one? But don’t let these insecurities ever stop you from going for it. 

A lot of modelling agencies will have a height limit when you go to apply. Don’t let that put you off. Send your application and wait for a response. What’s the worst that can happen? They might LOVE your face and think you have things going for you in other areas. 

However even at this height, I can still class myself as a ‘fashion model’ as I’ve worked for Chanel, ASOS, River Island and several other big fashion brands. I’ve also walked in shows at London, Norwich and Cambridge fashion week. 

My height or size haven’t stopped me. What others have in those areas, I try to make up for in personality and determination. Don’t let your height or weight hold you back; people will look past it and see your amazing talent elsewhere. 


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