Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Summer Season

I am sad July is almost over... it has been a good one. Wireless Festival, London Pride, Latitude and a trip to Barcelona were some of the highlights but I was also filming for the new Men In Black movie coming out next year (that's all I can say about that just now!)

First of all- this heat wave!? Quite possibly the best thing that has happened in England for a very long time. After the disappointment of the World Cup (which I found myself get surprisingly into), this weather has opened up a whole new side to London: gardens, rooftop pools and iced coffees! I'm lucky that I have Ravenscourt Park behind my house so at any free moment, I've grabbed my towel and pretended I'm right back on the beach in Bali. 

Wireless festival is my go to festival. Line up wise- you can't beat it and this time round was my 7th year going. We saw Rae Sremmurd, Giggs, Russ, Lil Uzi Vert, Playboi Carti, Rick Ross and the one and only DRIZZY DRAKE. He came as the surprise act replacing DJ Khaled and I have no shame admitting I cried- real tears. If you are a Hip Hop lover, you have no excuses not to attend this festival. WARNING: rough crowds. After 6 hours of moshing, my sandals were ruined and my hair had a lovely beer scent... BUT who cares when you have Drake to stare at- right? 

The following Sunday I was a newbie at Latitude festival. Ok, the line up wasn't totally my thing: Alt-J, Rag'n'bone man, Wolf Alice etc BUT this festival is amazing- like a mini Coachella! With different hidden stages within the woods and one on the water, the whole of Henham park is yours to explore. The food and decor were spot on and the vibe was totally friendly. I definitely want to take my children one day... 

Then, there was Barcelona- a classy, golden city lined with palm trees and cobbled streets. Ramzan and I wanted to tie in his birthday celebrations with the agency meetings we had scheduled there. We fitted in 5 meetings, a open bus ride, a trip to the beach, a lot of food and a photoshoot! One place I highly recommend is the verbal tapas restaurant- El Nacional. Any trip with Ram is guaranteed laughs and fun; I cant wait to book the next one. 

So... August I hope you can compete. Apart from the sweaty tubes, Summer time in London always the best time. Everyone is in high sprits, stays out later and adopts a more go with the flow attitude- I just don't want it to end! 


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