Friday, September 7, 2018

The Dating Game

The dreaded question: “Have you not found anyone yet?” Christmas tends to be the worst. Family parties/ reunions and each year I rock up alone having to provide an explanation as to why I am still single. Hang on a minute... I’m 23! And having the best time of my life- that’s surely a good enough answer. 

Let’s face it.. dating in London is bloody hard! In a city so busy, how is it so hard to meet someone? First of all... socialising is becoming increasingly difficult! The tubes are silent and even if I did see Mr Man of my Dreams on the Central line- what do I go over and say to him?

“You are a model, guys must be queuing up?” If anyone has seen this queue... please let me know! In all seriousness, it’s not as great as it sounds. My DMs are filled from men the other side of the world, and the majority of people I shoot with are more into themselves than me! 

I have had my fair share of tinder dates... Dancer guy, Freddy (who never text me back), strange G&T boy, furniture maker, the one who didn’t show, zoo keeper- the list goes on. Anyway, I always try and FaceTime a date before I meet them because no one has time for a catfish. One time, a guy answered the call mid NOS balloon and completely naked... thank god I never made it to that date. I’m normal I swear! I’ve had a love/ hate with the app ever since I downloaded it, and re-downloaded it. Maybe it will be the next time...

At school I was never someone the boys “fancied.” I didn’t have boyfriends growing up and always had an excuse that I was at dance class or travelling to London for auditions. I didn’t have a prom date (awkward ginger girl with braces situation) and at the time it felt like the worst thing in the world. 

I have been “single” for almost 2 years now. I’m always off travelling and I never know where life is going to take me next. I’m certainly keeping an eye out for Mr Right but it’s definitely not my only route to happiness. Besides, I love dating and all the freedom it gives you. For now, life is just great as it is. And in the words of queen Bey herself: I felt like it was time to set up my future, so I set a goal. My goal was independence. 


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