Friday, November 2, 2018

Taking A Minute

Hello you lovely lot! Now I don't want to be that stereotypical Brit, (yes I've seen the meme) but HOW is it November already? The days are flying by and sometimes I feel like I don't ever have time to reflect on things. New York to London to Norwich in the space of 2 weeks. Someone pinch me... here are the highlights! 
The Big Apple! 
Another last minute decision with the bestie that turned into a trip of a lifetime. Whenever I travel, I want to a feel a taste of what it would be like to live there. Yes you must do the touristy things once but seeing the other areas was more of a highlight for me: Williamsburg, Chelsea, Tribeca, Lower East Side, Meatpacking District etc. All these places have amazing quirks and cafes that I could have easily spent all day in! 'Accidentally' walking places was how we always discovered some of New York's best features. 
Broadway needs no further introduction but for something a little different definitely get to a sports game... even if you don't follow the teams like us! We got our tickets 2 weeks before the game on US Ticketmaster and it was such a highlight. Another 'must do' is cycling around Central Park. In true India and Ramzan style, we guessed our way around and after cycling for 3 glorious hours we made it back to where we started!   
For me this is a slightly pricey, but totally worth it, dream city. I would love to go back tomorrow and I would love to live there. Full stop.  
Next up: home time! From one great city to the next, we had family time arranged in Norwich with everyone's schedules finally being free. Summer booked the Imagine Spa in Blofield Heath where we got to catch up and relax with some wonderful treatments. Next up on the Harl agenda was Cryptic Escape. Ok, can I just say... harder than it looks! With all 5 members present, we didn't make it out in the hour but we were close so a Christmas rematch is most definitely on the cards. Home is always a great trip: in a nutshell, the only place where I would spent a Saturday night in on the sofa so that must say something! 
My life always seems to go from one extreme to the other, so after an incredibly busy October, my November is ironically minimal. It is good to have a balance (for my bank account too) but I'm inspired to make more plans, more things happen and create some amazing memories. Instead of buying an expensive handbag or fancy car, I'd choose a trip or an activity any day. Spending time with the people I love the most has been a real blessing and with Christmas around the corner, oh yes I just went there, more exciting things are bound to happen!


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