Sunday, December 2, 2018

1 Goal. 8 Weeks

For the past 8 weeks I have undergone a complete lifestyle overhaul!  Signing up to the F45 8 week challenge was one of the scariest things I've ever done, an equal challenge to the mind and body. I have exercised everyday burning a minimum of 400 calories per class and religiously followed a nutritionally balanced eating plan structured in 3 phases. Changing years of bad habits in just 8 weeks was not easy, however with the support of the amazing F45 family at RCP, I couldn't be happier with the results.

I know what you are thinking... why? 
I think we all have 'moments' or things that happen in our lives that suddenly cause a switch of feelings. I was away travelling Asia at the start of the year so I naturally fell out of shape. Then it was summer time in London and one festival led to another. It was early September and I was on a shoot with two other younger female models. I was given a jumper to wear whilst they both looked amazing in crop tops and I ordered chips for my lunch without a care in the world. I got emailed the pictures 2 weeks later and that was my switch. I felt low and something needed to change. Also, my skin was bad, I felt tired around 4pm everyday and I knew I wasn't drinking enough water. I signed up to the challenge immediately and I haven't looked back since. 

Now this isn't a plug, but something I am feeling particularly grateful for, is the knowledge I've acquired along the way. Coming from a poor diet with little variation, I can honestly say I am now the biggest foodie going! For everyone who knows me, I am as shocked as you are but I have had so much fun taking an interest in food and all it's amazing benefits. Although I'm 23 and slightly late to the party... I am finally eating veg and actually enjoying it! 

Staying motivated was something I found easier than I thought. The fact that I was sharing my journey from the start kept me going as the pressure was on and I did not want to be a quitter! Everyday I thought about writing this post and somehow everyday I found that inner strength to put the chocolate bar down. When I started to notice a difference after 10 days, I thought "this is actually working" and I was motivated to carry on. There is no time like the present, but ironically I wish I did something like this 4 years ago! Then again, try telling my 19 year old university self that- probably not the best idea! 

So that's it. The F45 Challenge is over... but now is the time when real life can begin! I will still work out and eat clean however I can enjoy life and all it's treats along the way. Whatever your focus is at the moment, this is just a reminder that you can achieve it. Your determination is always stronger than you think. For now, I'm off to eat pizza and some Reese's pieces. 


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