Sunday, February 17, 2019

Hello 2019- a little later than expected

I know, I know... an update is well overdue (especially as I’m currently living in South Africa) but please forgive me and give this a read as I have lots to update you on! From why I’m living in Cape Town to the ‘real’ aspect of modelling- all is covered so grab a cuppa and take a seat! 

2 months I booked a one way flight to Australia. I had done all my research, the plan was to solo travel for 3 months and I couldn’t have been more excited. It only took me 10 minutes after I booked it to realise I made the wrong decision. After a crazy 48 hours of applying for agencies and visas, I decided that joining my friends and going to Cape Town was a much better option- Australia can wait everyone told me.

I now always buy flexible flight tickets so I was able to change with no extra cost (phew, already spent a fortune!) How I felt in those 10 minutes still confuses me. Was I scared to go alone? Did I fear that I would miss out with my friends? I can’t decide. All I know is I had to act on that feeling fast- to feel better again. I’m trying to be kinder to myself; accept my feelings and learn that it is O.K. to make mistakes. Something we could all do a bit more of! 

Anyway... since changing my flight, I haven’t looked back. Without boring you with too much detail, Cape Town this time of year is a creative whirlwind. Models, photographers, stylists etc flock to this picturesque city to create commercials ready for Summer. That’s why I’m here... or so I thought! Like London, no work is guaranteed for me so moving in the first place was a gamble, but the thought of living with friends AND in the sunshine- I was already sold! Competition is fierce. Castings are hot and long (I’m number 304 on a good day) and my agency have told me not to tan- it’s not all glam. 

I’ve worked 3 days so far whilst being here and I’m grateful for that but I’ve definitely ‘relaxed’ way more. I know what you are thinking... she is moaning about being on ‘holiday!’ I’m not! And I’m forever grateful for these opportunities as travel is something I am so passionate about. But with modelling not taking too much of my time, I’m moved my focus to other things like gym and life experiences- to make the most of any situation. 

My advice is, wherever you are in the world, don’t pressurise modelling. We are all suitable for different things. I would be lying if I said I felt totally comfortable next to the 6ft blonde girls, but with time and strength I’m teaching myself that I am still enough, the same as them. 

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