Monday, August 5, 2019

What's Your Job?

I don't know why but if there was one question that fills me with dread every time someone asks, it would be "what do you do for work then?" Maybe it's because I don't have just the 1 job: I have several (I'll explain that later) but the reality is, I've never really known where to place myself or found where I totally fit in. Don't get me wrong, I love all that I do and certainly enjoy the freedom of being my own boss, but strangely I'm often left to feel like I have to explain my life a little more than most: a justification to myself as well as everyone else.   

The term "influencer" is weird. I'm still trying to wrap my head around it but Social Media, aside from all it's controversy, has become a big part of my career, all for positive reasons. What isn't seen on instagram is the behind the scenes 'hustle.' I spend my days researching brands, scouting shoot locations, planning my captions, emailing, editing, negotiating rates, sending invoices, the list goes on. It's a mad world: only yesterday I was lying across someone's front doorstep in Kensington (in minimal clothing) with my best friend taking pictures of me hoping the home owner wouldn't pop their head out and question what on earth we were doing. I really love what I do: I get to work with my closest friends and feel such validation when things happen that we created for ourselves. 90% of what I receive gifted or brands I work for don't reach out to me. I have to promote myself constantly- on email this isn't so bad but in person, being your own hype man is sometimes an awkward task. That being said, it is all worth it; some of my greatest travel adventures have come through instagram collaborations and I don't want this dream to ever end. 

With both modelling and influencing being such unpredictable careers, I have always found myself needing a bit more of a steady income to maintain my lifestyle (no secret that I do love a holiday!) 2 months ago, I qualified to be a trainer at F45- no regrets since! I've been an ambassador for the brand for 15 months now and have loved the style of training since I first started. The hours are flexi and coming from a very self centred industry, I love the feeling it gives me to help others. F45 was a life changing choice that changed my diet, taught me discipline and gave me a new circle of great friends. It's a global brand and I hope to continue working for them/ taking part in the classes wherever I go.


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